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Much time is wasted due to browsing other sites, other forums. Let me assist you in the noble art of wasting time online...

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My Other Sites

  • Slightly Tilted, Half Melted
    My Livejournal, new in 2004. This takes over from the blog as my soapbox, mainly because it has many features I desired.
  • BreakThink Tank
    My original homepage, which has been around since 1997. This is its newest incarnation. Miscellaneous scribings, doodles, Slackfulness.
  • Fat Controller's Quake Map Shed
    Before taking up the pen and ink, I made a number of Quake maps. Now I sit on the sidelines and carp and complain.
  • The TNB Unofficial Guide to Elf Life
    A fan site that attempts to ease new readers into the whys, wherefores and whats of this great comic.

Other Cartoons I Read

  • Winger
    Carson now goes by his real name — Eric Gustafson — and is attempting to break into the syndication market with this strip aimed at Republican readers, which apparently is a nice change from the generally pro-Democrat American political cartoon landscape. Glynhial makes an appearance briefly.
  • Elf Life
    Carson Fire's magnum opus. The story has been running for over two years now, and I must admit to being a drooling fan. So much so, I have a site devoted to it. The Fat Controller in the forum is me.
  • Pastel Defender Heliotrope
    Jennifer Diane Reitz brings us the story behind her Kamishibai story, of the little sex toy who saves the universe.
  • Unicorn Jelly
    At first, it seems just a cutesy story about a funny looking creature, but it's rapidly revealed a hardcore science fiction bent that even surprised its creatrix, Jennifer Diane Reitz. The universe of Tryslmaistan has physical laws unlike our own, and that's only the surface scratched. I'm Cardboard Box in the forum.
  • Sinfest
    Tatsuya Ishida has been cranking out a funky four-panel comic every day for years now. Well worth a visit.
  • Brunswick
    Grant Buist has been doing cartoons about Alex, a BA student at Vic, Brunswick, a big yellow rat, Fitz, a pink rabbit, ex-Prime Minister and root vegetable fetishist, Enderby, Mapplethorpe, and the rest of that crazed crew for over a decade. Now it's your turn to enjoy. Hey, he has an entire lift devoted to him, so he can't be all that bad.

  • Dungeon Damage
    Slash is a fellow Wellingtonian, and this is his comic. It's based in a fantastical medieval Europe — the central character is a Christian missionary elf — and looks interesting.
  • The Hotel Fred
    Either visit every week or subscribe to Modern Tales for the hapless adventures of that charmless, luckless and clueless oaf Fred the Clown.
  • Poisoned Minds: Home of S.S.D.D.
    While taking a decided sci-fi time-travel bent of late, this comic started as filler for Alan Foreman's web page practice, then took off. Sort of a furry Young Ones. Lots of Flash goodies too.
  • Closet Space
    Jenn Dolari (boy, is that name familiar) Draws this "story of a boy who thought he could be a woman so well, he moved in with one. And the chaos that followed."
  • A Wish for Wings
    Another Jenn Dolari comic, about a girl who thinks she is an angel. And may well be one, too.
  • Stalag 99
    Seems to be about furry polymorphic hermaphrodites at war. Not really my cup of coffee, but Kelly "Strredwolf" Price has linked to me and praised my work.

Cartoon Related Sites

Alien Related and Downright Wierd Sites

No, I don't use these sites for source material.

  • ZetaTalk
    New Age drivel with an ET flavour (the Greys, according to this kook, are called Zeta Reticulans.) Lots of talk about "density", "polar shift" and similar claptrap.
  • How to Cook an Alien
    According to this site, Greys such as those which spawned Greg are "good for mincing for hamburger meat, although a wine based marinade will allow you to prepare a good stew or casserole."