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Cameos Hither and Yon

From time to time, us web cartoon lowlifes stick characters from other strips in their own works, generally as background "walk-on" cameos. I am no exception. More or less.


#1: Unicorn Jelly: Gryrnese Woman in major role (debut 8/9/2002)
I'm referring to Layla Jendolari Reopardu, of course. Layla actually never appears in Unicorn Jelly at all; I've merely given her the family name of a family that does, as well as, purely because it was mellifluous, a middle name derived from another fan, namely Closet Space's author, Jenn Dolari.

#2: Schlock Mercenary: Sgt. Schlock in background (27/6/2003)
Check out the right hand side of the second panel. I keep meaning to give Schlock Mercenary a good going-over but I also keep forgetting.

#3: Unicorn Jelly: Uni-chan in the bushes (21/6/2003)
Look carefully at the boy sitting in the middle of that extremely large garden bed, and you'll see he's staring at a little round creature with a horn. I really should have added a tail to make the little fellow clearer.

#4: Front Lawn song reference (27/6/2003)
In the third panel, the exclamation "That's Eugene's wife/But that's not Eugene" is taken from A Man and a Woman from The Front Lawn's album Songs From the Front Lawn.

#5: Elf Life: Baughb selling cookies (20/9/2003)
It is actually canon that Baughb, adrift in the twentieth century, took a job with an outfit called Trollco fronting advertisements for their "magic cookies." Later, he would end up running the company as Evil Baughb!

Here, I've made the assumption that these cookies had some sort of gimmick - namely, that Trollco was doing for fortune cookies what Beyblades did for spinning tops.

#6: Dave Kelly's Lizard!: Lizard just behind Stu (24/10/03)
For some reason, I decided that Lizard wouldn't look out of place if he switched parties.

#7: Freefall: Sam surprised (24/10/03)
One of the problems with a crowd scene (and for me, this strip is a crowd scene) is that you start "appropriating" other cartoonists' characters (such as those of Eric Stanley) to fill those tricky corners. However, given Sam Starfall's natural tendency to larceny, I doubt he'll mind.

#7 and a half: S.S.D.D.: Norman Gates costume (24/10/03)
Rather than draw Norman proper (there are no furries in this strip yet,) I drew someone done up as Alan Foreman's psycho rabbit. But, while the ears may be right, I think the anarchy symbol is supposed to be on his chest.

#8: Fred the Clown (31/10/03)
Roger Langridge's clueless, charmless, luckless and malodorous romantic makes an excellent foreground filler.


#1: Closet Space: Greg Freeman in audience (strip #44)
I haven't yet seen what Jenn Dolari's leads are reacting to, but Greg certainly seems to be enjoying himself. Thanks, Jenn!