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Alien Smegma Pie: An Agony in Umpteen Fits

Some time ago, the unhealthy confluence of the "Alien Smegma Pie" skit on either Hour of Slack #530, a news item about a fish-and-chip place caught with misleading advertising, and liposuction all festered to produce the first strip, which I thought could be the beginning of a quickie gagfest I called... oh, guess.

As it's turned out, there's only six strips so far, done when I felt the urge upon me. These strips aren't E Motel quality; they're generally quick pencil sketches.

The first strip (below) was done around June 2002.

Alien Smegma Pie #1

Frankly, this one is probably the best. Bizarre juxtapositions like this are neat.

Second Alien Smegma Pie strip

The Dobbshead is from one of the Bobco symbol fonts. The whole gag is a retelling of the Bloodnok's "ten thousand unused 1904 calendars" scam from World War I.

Third Alien Smegma Pie strip

This is the closest ASP has got to topicality. I mean, people spend too much time and effort fretting about these big nebulosities and forget to keep an eye on what's happening around them.

Fourth Alien Smegma Pie strip

It's not really ASP, but it's related to some kerfuffle about people wanting speedbumps to deter boy racers, and the council dithering, afraid someone (more like something) might get hurt. I don't like 'em at all; I have enough trouble getting to sleep without noisy engines, noisy stereos, noisy burnouts.

Fifth Alien Smegma Pie strip

More akin to #3, it deals with the way some people take something they don't like and inflate it well out of context. It actually dates from March, when Carson Fire was under threat of eviction and going to desperate lengths.

Sixth Alien Smegma Pie strip

If you're wondering about the wobbly nature of the titles, it's because this one was drawn and inked on the train. It's also a commentary on something I've noticed about the transformers that modern electronic gadgets come with. Why do they have to be so bulky, and render neighbouring sockets inaccessible? My Ericsson mobile phone is probably the only gadget with a small transformer - and it has a short cord too, so the transformer's kept away from the socket. Good design there, Ericsson.